Shenzhen Cysjconn Co., Ltd.  

Shenzhen Cysjconn Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of precision connectors. After its establishment, the company adhered to the professional and automated development policy, strict management and advanced quality testing methods, so that the company's products constantly meet the domestic and foreign market demand, and strive to provide customers with high-quality and high-price products. We regard quality as the first life of an enterprise, and always adhere to the strategy of taking the lead in science and technology and developing our own brand.

The company's products are widely used in various consumer electronics and electrical industries, such as electronic communications, security, LED photoelectricity, LCD display, frequency converter, servo system, medical instruments, automotive electronics, computer motherboard, printer, electronic toys, etc. Since its establishment, the company has insisted on specialization, from product hardware components, plastic mold development and design to precision high-speed forming and precision plastics. Rubber injection moulding, with more rich and diverse industry experience than peers, the factory has more than 80 automatic assembly moulding machines. Stable, good direct supply channels, excellent R&D team, while meeting customer needs, provide customers with real-time, convenient and thoughtful services, and provide customers at home and abroad with precise and reliable links.

Our business policy: quality first, customer first, excellence, collective efforts.

Our environmental policy: Comply with environmental regulations and make green products. Raise awareness of environmental protection and continue to improve the environment. Our business philosophy: integrity, quality, loyalty and common prosperity.



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Top Ten Suppliers of Excellent Connector Products in Shenzhen  

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Winning the Honorary Title of "CCTV Connector" National High-tech Enterprise  

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Based on domestic, global, perfect sales system and service network  



The wide application of connectors in electronic products is unfair because of its practicability itself, and it is also necessary for electronic products to communicate with each other. Nowadays, there are more and more electronic products, and the shari


1. What is a connector?The electronic connector generally refers to a connection unit between various electronic components, and is mainly used as a chip-to-board board, a circuit board, and a board-to-box electronic signal connection and transmission. Th